Exploring The Human Experience Of Aging



The WHV Institute provides educational opportunities that teach evidence-based, person-centered care.  Our training programs, in collaboration with academic and other health institutions, have broad application for those practicing in the field of elder care. 


As a regional geriatric center for learning, WHV Institute promotes education for healthcare staff, medical professionals and caregivers in our community.  Our Huntington Education Center, a 96-seat conference and training center, features A/V conferencing, WiFi, and webinar capabilities.
Clinical courses focus on disease management, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and outcomes.  Additional programs address the holistic nature of senior well-care for health professionals, residents, families and the community at large.
As a model of excellence in education, we collaborate with other institutions to provide programs for medical professionals that include faculty education modules and continuing education lectures and workshops.


We strive to find innovative solutions that make senior living more meaningful, purposeful and relevant and will lead to further improved models of care.  WHV Institute is facilitating technological advancements that have the potential to transform how we age, including emerging concepts in telehealth.  As part of many research studies, WHV Institute provides data on the aging population to help create improved treatments and evidence-based outcomes.