In-Patient Unit | Zusman Hospice

Most people choose to receive hospice care in their homes, long term care communities or wherever they live.  However, when a symptom such as pain cannot be managed in the home, patients can choose to receive care at Zusman House, our in-patient unit located on the campus of Wexner Heritage Village. 
Unique to Central Ohio,  Zusman House is a small, intimate, yet highly progressive five-room in-patient facility designed exclusively for pain and symptom management.  We are equipped to manage complex medical conditions, providing our patients the highest level of expert support and symptom management on a short-term basis.

Zusman House Amenities

Zusman House offers private rooms with 24-hour visitation where patients and families can spend time together in a comfortable home-like setting.  Amenities include a meditation room, pull-out sofas, a family lounge and kitchenette, plus a private garden patio which is accessible from each patient room.
Zusman Hospice offers complementary therapies such as music, pet therapy, aromatherapy, healing touch and massage therapy.
Our Spiritual Life Team is available for patients and their families whenever needed.
Call us at 614-559-0350 or email to learn more about the Zusman Hospice In-Patient Unit.