Urban Zen Integrative Therapy

In 2013, Wexner Heritage Village became the first clinical setting in the Midwest to provide patients and their families Urban Zen Integrative Therapy – a revolutionary program that combines yoga, reiki, breathing techniques and aroma therapy to reduce pain and anxiety, ease nausea and improve restfulness.

While the program was initially introduced to Zusman Hospice patients, their families and caregivers, it is now being incorporated into care for those throughout the WHV campus, including our patients and families at Wexner Rehabilitation; our long-term care units at Wexner Heritage House; at The Cottage, our residential unit for those with Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementia-related conditions; and at Creekside at the Village, our independent and assisted living facility.

"Urban Zen has changed my life in ways I would have never expected.  I have been taught many different relaxation techniques over the years, but never seemed to be able to use them when I needed to the most.  After working with (Urban Zen) for a short time, I finally learned how.  It has not changed my pain level, but has given me back a sense of control over my body I felt I had lost."

Daryn Brown

Wexner Rehabilitation patient living with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), a debilitating, painful and chronic condition for which there is currently no cure.


As a result of its commitment to Urban Zen Integrative Therapy  (UZIT),  and in partnership with the Yoga on High Teacher Training Institute, Wexner Heritage Village has become a model for other healthcare organizations and a national training hub for the program, hosting dozens of practitioners for workshops.

Following are several documents compiled by UZIT Project Manager Lauren Sobol that provide a detailed analysis and review of the real impact of Urban Zen Integrative Therapy at Wexner Heritage Village.
2013 Analysis and Review
2014 Analysis and Review
2015 Analysis and Review

At the end of each Urban Zen therapy session, patients are asked to rate their experience on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the best possible score. The chart below shows that 90% of patients reported their session was a positive experience.


Lori Guth Moffett is Wexner Heritage Village’s Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program Director.
She became a registered yoga teacher and reiki master in 2004 and has been an Urban Zen Integrative Therapy
practitioner since 2009.

View the video, Touch to Touch, of Lori's experience at TEDxColumbus.


Now, patients can bring the gentle and mindful movements, restorative poses, breather exercises, essential oils and energy therapy that eased their recovery while at Wexner Rehabilition home with them.

Urban Zen At Home can help restore the focus and serentity needed to build strength and stamina to support ongoing recovery.

One hour UZIT sessions can be scheduled in your home by contacting Yoga on High at 614-291-4444 or privates@yogaonhigh.com.

Click the image below for more information or to print an Urban Zen At Home brochure.



Urban Zen Integrative Therapy was pioneered by fashion designer Donna Karan, along with internationally acclaimed yoga experts Rodney Yee and Colleen Saideman Yee, in response to her own husband’s seven year experience with terminal illness.
The mission of Urban Zen Integrative Therapy is to treat the patient, not just the disease or illness, and thereby transform patient care across the healthcare system.

Our Financial Partners

It is through broad-based community support that Wexner Heritage Village has been able to bring Urban Zen Integrative Therapy to Central Ohio.
Our benefactors include private donors, specifically Karen Jones, and the Alice and Robert Estrich Fund of the Columbus Foundation, which in 2014 provided a $25,000 grant to support expansion of the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy program at Wexner Heritage Village.