When To Call | Home Care

Asking for help can be hard, especially when you are used to living and doing things on your own. But there comes a time in almost everyone’s life when help is exactly what we need.
Whether you need assistance for just a few hours a day until you can recover from a recent injury or you or a loved one needs around-the-clock attention to continue to live independently at home, Wexner Home Care makes it easy to find just the right amount of help – delivered by just the right person.

For more information, contact us at 614-231-4900 or homecare@whv.org.

Have you had a recent

  • Hospital stay?
  • Surgical procedure?
  • Decrease in mobility?
  • Fall or increase in dizziness?
  • Serious, new diagnosis?
  • Decline in your condition?
  • Trip to the emergency room?
  • Sudden weight loss or gain?
  • Stay in a nursing home or rehab center?
  • Episode with shortness of breath, even while resting?

Are you caring for an older adult and

  • Can no longer manage his or her needs?
  • Live too far away to respond to an emergency?
  • Think your loved one spends too much time alone?
  • Notice a recent weight loss?
  • Find an empty pantry or see meals are not being prepared?
  • Need more time for your spouse and children?
  • Are worried about who will care for your partner if you become ill?
  • Need someone to provide respite care and relief?