Driver Named CFO of the Year Finalist

Wexner Heritage Village Chief Financial Officer, David Driver, has been named one of the region’s top fiscal officers.
Driver is one of seven finalists for the title of Nonprofit CFO of the Year. The award, given by Columbus Business First, will be presented at a special event on Thursday, September 5.
A 20-year veteran of Wexner Heritage Village, Driver has been CFO since 2002. He first started with the organization in 1984 as an accountant and left in 1992 while serving as controller. He said he returned to take an executive position with the WHV because he saw the organization’s potential to lead in the senior healthcare and housing industry in Central Ohio and beyond.
“The breadth and depth of Wexner Heritage Village is truly unique in our business and positions the organization to build long-term, trust-based relationships with our clients and their families and to provide superior care at each stage of the aging process,” Driver said. “Who wouldn’t want to be part of a community like that?”
Wexner Heritage Village President and Chief Executive Officer David Rosen credits Driver with much of the success WHV has had creating a healthy and sustainable healthcare business despite the uncertainty associated with changing public reimbursements.
“David was able to put the organization on a profitable path in a very short period of time,” Rosen said. “He helped shrink our negative profit margins and then grow them. He turned the numbers around by at least 10 percent, accounting for at least $2 million in bottom line improvement.”
Rosen said Driver led development and implementation of a three-year business plan – now in its second year – that responds to the growth of the aging population and corresponding decline in public funding. Driver is also one of the creators of WHV’s five-year Campaign to Revolutionize Care, which has raised nearly $6.5 million towards its $10 million goal.
One of Driver’s strengths, Rosen said, is that he is not a traditional CFO and that he has been able to apply his skills beyond his financial responsibilities to operations, governance and marketing of the organization. He said Driver has worked to streamline and improve the effectiveness of all processes that affect cash flow, increase financial transparency, and raise the management team’s level of accountability.
“David’s work has helped create an organizational culture that recognizes paying attention to profits, even in a non-profit atmosphere, is critical to the effectiveness, viability and longevity of the organization,” Rosen said. “He has been able to communicate this belief to our Board, donors and community in a way that is engaging and has renewed a shared commitment to the strength of the organization. Because of his efforts, we now have more resources available to serve more people and fulfill the Wexner Heritage Village mission.”