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Grief is part of the human experience, but perhaps no loss is as painful as the death of someone we love.
Zusman Hospice at Wexner Heritage Village offers personalized, compassionate care and support to those who are struggling to cope with the loss of a loved one.  We help guide individuals down the path of healing with our comprehensive collection of bereavement services.  These free programs are available to anyone in the community who has lost a loved one through death.  Services can be provided for individuals, schools, churches, synagogues, work sites and other organizations.

View our schedule of programs for 2017 for more information about our grief and bereavement services.

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The Healing Journey

Grieving is a process unique to each individual. It can start in the time leading up to the loss of a loved one and persist long after. Each person must take his or her own journey through grief and toward healing. To help, Zusman Hospice associates have developed the information sheets below to be guideposts in the months after a loss. 

       Month 1                   Month 3                   Month 6


        Month 9                   Month 12


Understanding the Grief Journey

The loss of a loved one can be filled with questions, emotions and the challenge of finding a new "normal." While the journey is different for each person, there are common themes and questions that bring us together.

The Zusman Hospice bereavement support team has created the one-page documents below as a resource for those struggling with the different aspects of grief and loss. Browse and click on the titles below to read, print or share this valuable information:

Children's Concept of Death

Coping With Multiple Losses

Coping Through the Holidays

Do You Need Extra Help Grieving?

Moving Through Grief

The Physical Side of Grief

Six Helpful Things After a Loss

Support After Suicide

Supporting Those Who Grieve

Ten Commandments of Grief

Timetable for Grief

Your Path to Healing

The qualified, experienced and compassionate experts at Zusman Hospice are here to help guide you on your own, personal journey with a variety of support groups, programs and personalized services to meet the needs of people of all ages and at all stages of the healing process.

From art therapy to individual or family counseling, Zusman Hospice bereavement programs and services are always free and open to the entire community.
Zusman Hospice Programs: January through December 2017
Are you part of a group, church or organization that would like to help its members through their grief journeys?  We can help.  A member of the Zusman Hospice social work team will come to your location to speak with your group.
Contact us at Zusman Hospice to learn more about the various programs we can offer your group or organization.